Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weather check: it's autumn!

I'm a summer girl. I never like the darker, colder days of autumn that inevitably bleed into winter. I always fight the change of seasons and pray for freak heat waves (like this past week's, merci my weather gods!).

But walking around the Marais today, I couldn't deny that it's officially fall. And I sort of liked it. It reminded me of being a college student in Boston: everyone was out strolling in their tweed blazers and Ray-Bans. Sitting at cafes with coffees and chocolats. Bundled up in chunky sweaters and swaddles in scarves. Or maybe I'm just sick of fighting things I can't control.


  1. You know what. You should come to LA I am pretty sure it is 80ish degrees here! NOT AUTUMN! :/

    I love how everyone wore tweed blazers and ray-bans and had hot drinks and all of that!

  2. Autumn is my favorite season, no matter where I live .. except those years in LA. There was no autumn there at that time, they might have installed it since my days though :)
    We get falling leaves and a bit of color here which is nice but as you know, there is nothing like Fall in NY.
    So that is where I long to be at this time of year.
    or the Marais having a chocolat. Save me a seat !

  3. So glad to find you! It is the perfect time of year for me!

    I have a Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  4. I am slowly being won over to Fall. I used to be soooo sad as summer ended, but now I'm more accepting of it and I can pretty much live with the fact that after these perfect crisp, low-humidity days of fall, winter will come. It used to be much more difficult.

  5. YAY
    Go with the flow...
    When in Rome...
    Or become a weather lady
    Those are your options kid!

  6. Yes, I'm trying to embrace this 'go with the weather flow' attitude.Admittedly, today's a little tougher. It's c-c-c-cold! The cashmere sweaters and double-ply scarves are out!

  7. I am jealous slash can we switch places?! I miss Marais and its fabulous vintage shops...

  8. Sunday was even cooler, huh, and even on the yucky side, closer to winter. I'm trying to embrace and accept it, now that we have had the official equinox. :) I like what Carol G wrote, lol. True.

    You have been on my mind, and today I added you to Twitter and popped by for a quick hello. I hope things are going well. You take care, and I hope to see you around the bloghood as I stroll around when I am needing a break. :)