Thursday, September 9, 2010

I wish I lived at agnes b.

Then I would have a cool courtyard like this.

Colorful lights strung up for fun parties.

Because every day would be a party, living here.

Of course, I'd change the sign from "agnes b." to "amy t."

And when the party started fading, I’d hop on my Vespa and disappear into the gray city streets.



  1. I totally agree... first of all, Amy T rolls off the tongue much better than Agnes B .. well, sorta.
    And Milo would appreciate the larger wandering space...
    But if you can't manage this , you can still put Amy T on your wall and string some lights on your balcon, no?
    muchas besos. C

  2. fairy lights and a vespa in Paris. That's all one really needs, n'est pas?

  3. Merci, mes amies. I think I really like the idea of an Amy T sign and especially the courtyard and the fairy lights and the Vespa. Ah, la vie...