Thursday, September 9, 2010

French phrase of the day: le blues de la rentrée

Def: Back-to-school blues

Actually, since la rentrée is more like New Year's, despite being timed when everyone is shoved off to work and school after a whole lot of summer vacationing, there's greater significance to it. It's exciting and bustling and new for some; overwhelming, depressing and a reason to crawl under the covers for others. This phrase is for the latter group.

Bon courage, mes amis!


  1. La rentrée is more rosy than blue for La Mom -- I just can't believe the days are already getting shorter. Sheesh.

    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris

  2. I know - what's up with the 9pm darkness?? Makes me sad. But I am excited for fall's prospects :)

  3. I remember looking forward to Fall and the relief from heat and being just as sad to see school start as my children were.
    We liked sleeping late and staying up late and exploring all day, who wanted to get up early and go to school ? boo .....

  4. Oh, i loove la rentrée. After two months of quiet, everytihng is alive an kicking!