Sunday, September 5, 2010

Play for pleasure

When I was home in New York, I binged on many, many magazines. And one of the articles, which I think was in O (aw, Oprah!) was about seeking more pleasure in life. Not joy or happiness, but pleasure, which the author defined as something more fleeting; a momentary jolt of glee or rush of adrenaline. One of the ways he suggested doing this was playing a favorite song over and over. While I have my “Happy Music” folder on iTunes, which I do play over and over when I want to feel giddy, I also find the eclectic mix of iTunes shuffle gives me an instant lift.

I Don’t Do Crowds Camera Obscura
That Was Just a Dream Cut Copy
Melodies & Desires Lykke Li
Head On The Pixies
If I Ever Feel Better Phoenix (definitely a feel good song!)
Reasons Earth, Wind & Fire
Black Cherry Goldfrapp
Sun Was High (So Was I) Best Coast
This Is What I Sound Like Athlete
Anabel Midlake
Forever Live and Die OMD (yesss!)
Listen Now The Knife
Oh What a World Rufus Wainwright
The Last Song Ever Written Stars
Enough Aimee Mann
The Future The Drums
Sleep Sandwich Elvis Perkins (hi, Bennie!)


  1. Rodrigo & Gabriela

    Rufus Wainwright ( did you see the Leonard Coen movie?)

    And due to the heavy influence around me ..
    Gotan Project

    and Classical..

    I often cater to my homesickness by listening to music that I don't hear much here.. which just makes me blue but I am thankful I got that little iPod when I did :)

  2. Animal Collective - My girls

    I had this 'en boucle' for most of 2009. Happy song!