Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Velib power!

I really think I should get a commission from the city of Paris for all the people I introduce to the Velibs.

Sometimes you gotta start them young.

Have you noticed it's impossible not to smile on a Velib?

Biking in pairs under the Paris moon? Yes, please.

Now, don't you want to ride one??


  1. I do ! I do !! I would even ride one here, but prefer the thought of Velibing in Paris.

  2. So fun! Trinity Mom's would kill her for riding in the busy streets of Paris :)

  3. I'm back in Paris in December ... may be a bit chilly but I will definitely try one.

  4. Apparently Paris will be staring an Autolib service similar to the velib service. I wonder if they'll be Smart Cars...would be fitting for Paris, I suppose.

  5. Lady Em - good to know! Not that I'll be getting behind the wheel, but sounds like a cool program (and it sounds like there will be some new maniacs on the road to be aware of ;) ).

    Meg, get some good gloves and a bike helmet, and you'll be good to go.

    Ker, we'll have to keep the photo evidence under wraps from Trin's mom.

    And Candice, when are you coming to Paris??

  6. It won't be this year, but 2011 sounds like it might be a year of changes for us ... perhaps in big ways .