Saturday, September 18, 2010

Postcards from Positano

Flying in from Paris…

…driving in from Naples…

I kept getting giddier and giddier.

The Amalfi Coast and the town of Positano couldn’t have been prettier or more picturesque.

Needless to say, it’s hilly; a town you climb rather than walk.

Every time I had to go up and down these stairs, I told myself I could have another scoop of gelato...

...or an extra shot of Limoncello.

Besides, this was the panorama I was rewarded with from my hotel balcony. Seriously.

In fact, I went up and down the stairs quite often because I just couldn’t get over the views—different at every turn, more breathtaking with each step.

And in between the beauty and awe…

… was the ridiculousness and excessiveness…

…the gluttony and fun…

(Nothing like a hot Italian chef in the kitchen to inspire you to make hundreds of gnocchi.)

…the sun and the sea.

I fly solo so often, I had forgotten how fun it is to vacation with good friends.

Happy birthday, ConCon! Love you guys!


  1. What fun !! The views were spectacular, I got goose bumps !
    The company definitely looks fun and what a coincidence, we had Gnocchi tonight ! :)
    What a wonderful week you had, how great is that !?
    un beso .. C

  2. Ah, lovely! I'm so glad you a fun vacation. Your photos bring back very lovely memories of my visit there seven (gasp!) years ago. Time to go again!

  3. Wow ! This post is amazing !
    Thank you for sharing, you made me travel*
    I love Italy but I've never been in Positano !
    You hotel seemed to be stunning !
    Thanks for your comment by the way !
    I really like your blog !
    Talk to you soon

  4. Looks amazing Amy! Talk about a fantastic birthday celebration for Connie and wonderful group of friends you have. xo!

  5. JEALOUS! Positano is hands down one of my favorite places. Thanks for the great pics! I love all the trouble you get up to on your adventures! I hope when you get back you start a GodIloveNY blog to compliment this one cause I'll keep reading!

  6. to answer your question, give me a jet and fly me to Positano! Amazing, AT. You're soooooo lucky, girl.

  7. Merci, mes amis. It was truly an unforgetable trip. And I agree (lucky, lucky me): if I had to choose between Capri and Positano, Positano would win. I've never been to such a fun & unique place!

  8. Oh...Italy! Your photos are fabulous. I am absolutely beyond jealous. Clearly you had an amazing time - kind of like every trip you've taken recently you lucky girl. Enjoying the arm-chair travel with you my friend.