Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lucky number 42

I’ve always known I’m lucky. And I knew 42 was going to be a good year. The first hours of my birthday confirmed both.

I woke up to the sweet embrace of my husband and the 4-week-old grunts of my sweet daughter. Then I got to hop in the shower before mothering duties beckoned.

When I came out to the living room, it was like Christmas morning. Andrew had gotten pretzel croissants (and chocolate chip cookies for later!) from City Bakery and warmed them up in the oven. That alone made my day.

But then there were gifts. Cards (yep, Parker got me a birthday card, too). More love and weepy moments.

It’s been my middle-aged, modern version of this:


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!
    What a beautiful time. That croissant.......
    And bebe looks soooo adorable. :D

  2. Happy Birthday Amy!
    Glad 42 is off to a good start. Love the John Hughes clip...perfect.

    Happy Birthday all of you.
    wonderful post !!