Saturday, May 1, 2010

You know you’re in a Parisian gym when…

As fancy as my gym is, I didn’t join for the scene. I joined because a) they had yoga and b) it’s around the corner from my apartment, so I knew I would actually use it once in awhile (that they have monthly DJ parties with free cocktails in the courtyard and a sauna are just bonuses). And since joining, I’ve carved out a nice little routine in which I go to a handful of different classes throughout the week, almost always first thing in the morning. If I don’t go first thing, I won’t make it at all.

But once in awhile, I go to the gym in the evening or on a weekend day, and the scene is both shocking and hilarious. Parisians don’t exactly have the reputation as being big gym rats, do they? But they sure have the posturing and fashion nailed. Only in a Parisian gym will you find…

• The instructors arrive to class a few minutes late, never out of breath or concerned about time.
• Members then saunter in 5-10 minutes later. Fashionably late.
• Everyone in the gym has their iPhones in hand and, when they take calls, they casually strut around, hand wildly gesticulating, hips thrusting. Real scene-stealing.
• The women have color-coordinated get-ups, go braless and trail rose perfume (okay, maybe not braless but instead of wearing sports bras, they wear pretty Princesse Tam Tam bras that make them look braless).
• The guys wear form-fitting v-neck t-shirts that show their svelte physiques and accentuate their slim hips.
• Converse are the sneakers of choice.
• Everyone takes the elevator.


  1. And the women have lipstick and eyeshadow on...just in case? LOL! I get a kick out of it too!

  2. haha I love this!

  3. hi! I've been reading your blog for a while now - as a canadian living in paris, who lived on rue st. sauveur for a year, and also goes to Klay, I can definitely relate!

    my pilates class always starts on time...but I do laugh at the funny looks I get when Im working out on the cardio machines - "quoi? les femmes transpirent??" and at the girls that somehow exercise with their hair down!

    ooh, parisians, such a breed apart.

  4. Love it - what a picture all of that brings to mind.

  5. Are their "private trainer" gyms that anyone knows of in Paris? Where you make an appointment and work out for an hour with someone and maximize your time. "Day passes" at most Parisian gyms seem astronomical and I was wondering if this wouldn't be a better use of the time and money.

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