Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fall flare

Was I moving too quickly to notice the latest from J. Crew? I swear, I visited the Soho store twice when I was home. But looking at the site, I feel like I missed some good styles.

I did, however, treat myself to a blouse from Calypso. I wore it yesterday in fact. And I froze because our little flicker of Indian summer has been extinguished and now we’re back to the perpetual gray shivers of Paris.

Bitter is always in style, n'est-ce pas??


  1. What is she wearing in the second photo? The top? It looks amazing and surreal.


  2. We are having a sunny DRY day, Spring is in the air.
    Instead of London, or NYC, next break you take should be here, where Summer is around the corner. And it is never grey in summer ..
    I have refrained from too much window shopping because it has been so cold and dreary, now I am ready to go Hog Wild :)

  3. I am unhealthily obsessed with J. Crew and Madewell. I just ordered a big box. WHEN will it get here? Tap, tap, tapping fingers.

  4. Fickle Cattle, I think it's the very "in for fall" faux fur vest. The whole collection is gorgeous.

    Candice, oui! Go HOG WILD! Do a little shopping for me, too.

    I know, Ann - I've been obsessed with both the collections and web sites the past couple seasons. I know J. Crew opens in London this fall... maybe soon...