Saturday, September 4, 2010

Weather check: finally! sunshine! warmth!

Woah. Thursday night, Mel and I sat on a terrace for dinner without freezing our bums off (we were grossed out by the food, but that's another sad story).

Yesterday, I sat outside, in the sun, on another terrace. I was actually hot.

Last night, Sarah, Rachel and I enjoyed a concert and some short films en plein air. Then sat on the terrace of Cafe Cherie.

Today is sunny and bright. It's going to be in the 70s. I almost don't even know what to do with myself. Except go get gelato at Mary.


  1. it is official.. I truly hate you ! ( JOKE) of is pure envy and jealousy! You need to write a post;; TIPS on moving and working in Paris ... so i'm ready when i move :)

  2. "Sunny" ? Is this some newfangled French thing ?

    I hope you enjoy every minute of your sunny bright day, be sure to tell what you did, what "sunny and bright" feels like and remind some of us of what it looks like.
    Do you have to wear sunglasses?
    I assume this does not require an umbrella.
    I vaguely remember "sunny" .. I seem to remember it being very nice.

    Enjoy ! besos ! C

  3. @astheroshe, I was just thinking how wonderful it would be if Amy could write a book (e-book?) concerning the practical matters in making a move to Paris. In all her free time, of course!

    @Amy, as a resident of the Pacific Northwest, where we've suffered through a similarly cold "summer", I can relate to the wonderment and joy of a little sun and warmth! Our so-called summer is drawing to a close, but I hope yours lasts a while longer. . . .