Friday, September 17, 2010

Sensory Friday, on the heels of Italy

• It was so, so nice seeing my old friends from San Francisco in Positano.
• And hearing birds and insects and nature in Capri. The sound of waves crashing against the rocks? Heaven.
• And then, of course, there was the food. I can’t decide if the very best thing I tasted was the gnocchi in fresh tomato sauce with ridiculous amounts of cheese that we made in our cooking class? Or the toasted almond gelato from Gelateria Buonocore that was served in a waffle cone that was still warm.
• It was all I could do to pass up splurging on the Eau d’Italie perfume I found in the Sirenuse gift shop. But I figured the 100 euro I didn’t spend on it will go towards the Vuitton bag I’ve been coveting for months.
• And the very best feeling all week: salt water from the Mediterranean drying on my skin in the late-day sun.

Ah Italy, you might get me yet.


  1. WOWW, your trip to Italy sounds like a dream come true!! :D
    I esp luv your description of the food ;)
    What's the cooking class like? How did you find out about the class?

    ..P.S. I just was reminded of le film magnifique, Eat, Pray, Love hehe..oh the food... XD

  2. Reading your blog is better than that movie we saw today ( Eat Pray Love) .. I was left very unsatisfied with the amount of sightseeing we were allowed :)
    Your descriptions are much better .. although I can live without hearing about warm waffle cones ( something I don't think I am getting in Argentina )..
    I have learned to like gnocchi since living here, you need to post the recipe I think since I am not going to be going to that cooking class anytime soon ..
    SO glad you are back ( here) .. chau!

  3. Oh wait a minute, I like this sensory Friday business...
    We walked in the park where the crisp cool breeze gave us the shivers.
    Then hurried home to the warm apartment where we had hot sweet tea that was scented with oranges, while nibbling almond croissants and I sat on the floor petting the softer than soft Pup..

  4. Could Italy really revial Paris, mon amie??? We'll have to compare notes. So glad that you are back. My morning routine of reading your blog with my coffee gets interupted when you travel!!

  5. Mes amies, it was divine! Thank you for the kind words and for missing me. :)

    Italy doesn't rival France in my book, but it sure did get a notch closer with this trip! The people are so, so friendly, and it was just so nice being in warm weather, in nature, relaxed with no agenda. And while a week of eating nothing but pizza, pasta, pastries and gelato was luxurious, I missed my fresh veggies and fruit, which were strangely absent most everywhere.