Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Paris Bio, miam miam

Not to state the obvious but: the French have food down. We all know about their beautiful pastries and delightful cuisine. But how about that art of arranging food at the market??

Here, at my neighborhood bio market, you pick up your panier and go to town.

Oui, it’s un peu cher. But sometimes I go in just to look at the displays.

Ah, imagine: a lovely summer salad for dinner.

Add some organically grown, vine-ripened tomatoes.

And don’t forget your greens. (5-8 servings a day, my friends)

Some fresh fruit for dessert.

And a bottle of wine.

All in all, pretty close to heaven.


  1. sometimes it is worth it to eat less but eat better quality - I much prefer veggies from my local Farmers Market to the supermarket bland ones. Just have to be more selective and plan meals so I only buy what I need.

    I adore Autumn (Fall!) in Paris - have been known to drool over the figs and mushrooms

  2. You're so right, the French definitely have food down. For years I assumed it was merely because of the recipes, but after my first visit I began to have a much better understanding of the depth in which they rule over all things food. Even the displays at the markets and in the shop windows are works of art.

    I'm happy to have come across your perfectly titled blog, and am enjoying your writing and obvious love for Paris.

  3. Aren't the open markets a dream? A few years ago I lived a block away from Rue Cler and was so spoiled to have the sea of fresh produce at my fingertips.

    Oh, and your pics here have completely inspired me to cook up an organic feast tonight!


    Camille @ Paris in Pink