Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weather check: surely, you must be joking

June 19. It is gray and cool and rainy and I am still swaddled in scarves. When am I going to wake from this bad weather nightmare and be able to picnic by the Seine?


  1. I thought summer was finally here a while back when the temp was in the 70s, but apparently not. It's ridiculous that it's almost July and I still have to wear a scarf and jacket.

  2. Hmmm.. bright ,sunny, chilly day in Buenos Aires, ... Grey , cool, wet day in Paris.... Which one would I choose ....
    Wishing you many happy warm sunny picnic days !

  3. The weather has not been like this, this late in June in the past five years. This is awful, brrrrr!

  4. Hmmm, bright, sunny, wonderful days here in WNY. With just enough rain to keep the grass green and lush.
    Wish you were here!!! Bob

  5. Amy, talk to the weather-god for me, I am coming over this friday, and expect prime shopping weather!
    ...Thank you.

  6. Tina R, I am clearly obsessed with the weather and, for what it's worth, the 10-day forecast is looking much better. We should be to more seasonal mid-70s weather by mid-week. Though I'll believe it when I leave my scarf at home. Merde. (More important, will you be here long enough to take advantage of the summer soldes, which kick off on the 30th??)

    Bob, thanks for adding another layer to the NY v Paris debate... ;)

    Ladies, I believe something really, really great is in our future for having put up with crummy weather for nine months now. Something truly spectacular and dazzling...

  7. No-no-no, no soldes for me! Only here for full-price-before-soldes-weekend...Bad timing.