Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer, is it really you?

And are you here to stay?

I felt your presence going to the party...

As well as going home...

Please don't go anywhere. I could really get used to having you around.


  1. Lovely ~ Wishing you a very long summer.

  2. Oh my goodness, it had BETTER be here to stay for at least a couple of months!!! I thought I was going to die when it was so cold last week.

    Watch. I know what's going to happen. We'll have a sweltering July and August and I will be begging for winter temps before you know it, lol.


  3. Come to HOT HOT NEw York!
    Looks lovely and placid there...
    coolish even..

  4. Nice photos! I think I have some very similar ones from summers past. I do love the long days in Paris, but it makes it hard to go to bed on time. Thanks for stopping by my blog!