Saturday, June 26, 2010

Weather check: happy girl

It was a loooooong time coming. In fact, just last weekend, I was shivering in my apartment beneath three layers of clothing. Today? Bare feet, bare shoulders, wee skirt. It's summertime, mes amis. I couldn't be happier. (Or more relieved.)


  1. Dear Happy Girl ... enjoy your summer !!
    Sort of happy Winter girl.

  2. You miss NYC, but I miss Paris! Let's swap! ;)

  3. Candice, I hope you're having a warm & happy day in BA!

    Helen, I am dying for a NY-Paris swap... you have no idea!

    So very happy today. A full week of summer, which has brought me outside on cafe terraces and, today, an hour-long bike ride around the city. Heaven.

  4. So glad to discover your blog - and to hear about the weather in Paris!