Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer awakening

Lately, I have been alternatively jonesing for a new wardrobe and feeling absolutely uninspired and indifferent to fashion. But this weekend, I splurged a little. I went back to Merci to buy an Edun bracelet and also walked out with new earrings, a T-shirt and a fabulous Helmut Lang party dress (now I just need a party…).

I’m also reading a great profile on Mickey Drexler in the Wall Street Journal Magazine. Although I know all of my American friends are shuddering at the thought, given my current access to fabulous French brands, I’d do anything to be able to pop into a J. Crew right now and buy a boatload of tops, flats and accessories. They’re doing such a fabulous job with design.


  1. OMG and I just get an email about some J.Crew sale or other! So I should run, not walk that is if I could find the thing...
    Hmmm...Paris summer sales are around the corner.
    Hold on Yoko!

  2. PS
    that EDUN is the quintessential Fr look..
    Looks like nuttin'
    i.e. all neutrals somewhat raggy and costs a bundle I bet = tres de classe

  3. I could not agree with you more!
    Jenna Lyons has turned the brand around, it is essentially all I wear! In fact have appointment with my niece to try on gowns at the new Bridal Collection Store on Madison Ave. that opened 3 weeks ago. YEA!

  4. After 3 years in Buenos Aires, I have nothing but fond memories of J Crew and even Banana Republic !
    We won't even get started on the Nordstrom shoe department...

    I have never been in Paris in summer, I will study everything you have to say about it :)

  5. J.Crew is great, but I'd rather have a Helmut Lang party dress! Lucky! :)

  6. Thank you, ladies! I thought I might get the wrath of chain-store-hatin' fashionistas. I still always try to go indie boutique over chain, but J. Crew is kicking ass these days.

    Hee hee. Though you're right, Helen - I'm excited for my new dress. :)

    Oui, Carol, you might want to trot over the sales, tout de suite!

    Speaking of fond J. Crew memories, Candice, let's go back before the current resurrection... remember how cool J. Crew was in the late 80s, with their Fisherman sweaters??

    Annnnd... for any Brits, J. Crew will soon open in London - get ready!

  7. Mmmmm I love love love J.Crew! It's so nice and fresh, and it seems clean, streamlined and lovely!