Thursday, June 24, 2010

I went in for the olives and came out with Speculoos

Doomed, I am.

I popped into Spring Boutique to pick up my new favorite snack, Lucques green olives. There is something about the nutty sweetness of these that bowled me over. And I’m not even an olive girl.

But, of course, what I’m really a sucker for is Speculoos. Can’t have it in my apartment if I am to make it through this bare skin season. So, now what?

I’ve discovered Dolfin makes a milk chocolate bar with Speculoos.



  1. Thanks for the tip - I just sent a Facebook message to my cousins in France to send some over!

  2. I am shocked ! shocked , I tell you ! I have not heard of Speculoos..
    Thank you ..

  3. ETS, I love your proactiveness! You have a tres bon package to look forward to!

    Candice, it is a great, great honor, really... I am really introducing you to Speculoos? Because it's truly one of the greatest edible inventions. Ever.

  4. No, I have obviously led a very sheltered life ( or someone has been holding out on me !)
    I will be on a quest for Speculoos here... I think I will not actually ask anyone if they have them, I will just look.
    Somehow the idea of asking for SPECULOO in Español is daunting..

  5. I have never heard of it before, either! For the record, my cousins don't like it, but they are happy to send me some.

    Mostly I obsess over Bonne Maman Mirabelle confiture when asked what I want from France. That, with a bit of butter on a slice of toasted baguette, is sheer heaven.