Sunday, June 20, 2010

Festival and Co

The invitation from Shakespeare & Co said the soirée—part of their Storytelling and Politics Festival—was sponsored by Louis Roederer so I expected beaucoup champagne to be flowing. And while I was disappointed that it was wine only, I could hardly complain with a spread like this. It was un-croy-able.

I tried about nine varieties of goat cheese.

And ate about four kilos of dried apricots, plums and the plumpest blueberries ever.

I was even tempted to snag some of the lavender that was scattered everywhere but figured that would be pretty low American behavior.

The soirée was at the Réfectoire de Cordeliers, which had a lovely courtyard and attracted a nice mix of old and young, Frenchies and Anglophones, good and bad fashion.

Somewhere in this crowd, Kristen Scott Thomas was mingling—can you see her right eye in this picture?

Some of the other attendees might have been there to see Alan Riding or The Paper Cinema. Or maybe they were just there to see and be seen. I went for Beth Orton (and Louis Roederer, oui), who, after four years, is finally working on a new album.

It was great to hear her voice again.


  1. So what you're saying is that it's bad fashion to show up to these things carrying a hiking backpack? Honestly the backpack only came because I had to pick up some documents beforehand.

    What if it was a Louis Vitton hiking backpack?

  2. Goat cheese and blueberries sounds delightful.
    Especially since it is winter here and I haven't seen a blueberry lately.
    Actually being in Paris and eating a Water Biscuit would be delightful... your blog is bringing out all of my well repressed longings for Paris !

  3. legrandezombie, were you there?? An LV hiking backpack would be pretty kickass, don't you think?

    a Broad, the goat cheese and blueberries were way delightful. But I don't think even Paris could rescue a water biscuit!

  4. So my life ambition is to be as amazing/bilingual as Kristen Scott Thomas. She's my idol... lame but true!

  5. I was there, wearing the decidedly not Louis Vitton hiking backpack.

  6. legrandezombie, I wish I had known and could have sussed you out of the crowd. But I also love the idea of having unknowingly crossed paths at the soirée.