Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In honor of Sex and the City...

...which came out in Paris today, but, believe it or not, I am waiting until Sunday to see...

I am celebrating pieces of New York.



And Paris' own bizzaro twist on cool American exports.


  1. I just fell across your blog and I'm already in love!!! Paris, who doesn't love Paris! Sex and the City... who doesn't love Sex and the City! I can't believe that you are waiting to see it! I look forward to hearing your thoughts and I am excited to follow you on this journey!!

  2. Am I the only one who found this Expatica SATC2 review sexist and offensive?

    " . . . no matter how much modern women may bang on about asserting their independence, there's no way that most of them won't be going to see this without a man in tow. And only women bleed, right?"

  3. Merci, Jen! I am going to the movie tomorrow night - cannot wait.

    From Cali, it sounds like a very angry man wrote that review... who was the author??

  4. A very angry man with a short . . . fuse apparently. James Drew. Sent a complaint to Expatica. Never heard back. What a surprise!

    1. Dear from Cali,

      It's somewhat after the event, this, but I was not made aware of any complaint at that time about my review of SATC 2 - you didn't leave it on my actual review, which might have been a more sensible thing to do, as I would have replied. Well, two years have passed now, and I would be delighted to learn why you felt the film really wasn't the mound of dung that I found it to be? The review is on as well, you can leave your thoughts there, if you like? ;-) x