Friday, December 3, 2010

Weather check: brrrrrrrr

When a little snowfall caught me by surprise last week, it was sort of charming.

When Sarah, Jo and I bundled up for our Belgian explorations, it was in the name of adventure.

When the snow was falling as I walked across Pont d'Alma, on my way to one of my most impressive meals in Paris so far (Chez l'Ami Jean - oh la la), with the Eiffel Tower shining down on me, it was a bit like a dream.

But now... now, I'm ready for the "balmy" 40-degree weather that they're promising for next week. It's December 3rd, but it feels like it's been winter for years.


  1. I know how you feel ( in reverse) .. the heat or cold hits and suddenly it seems to have lasted forever already !

    TGIF ~

  2. I wish for the same thing, but will instead be shoveling the 8-10" of snow we're going to be getting tonight.

    I'll dream about being able to read your book while I'm out there clearing the sidewalks!

  3. Hi Amy,
    Tell us more about the book contract. We are all fascinated. Are you interested in doing Milo as a book with me? I have had fans of his suggesting this.

  4. Paris was cold - but London is even colder!! At least the snow didn't settle in Paris - my street here is now solid ice.

    The shows I saw warmed me up a lot! Garou at l'olympia, Mama Mia! (with lots of kisses from the cast!) and finally Mozart - simply gorgeous Frenchmen!!

    And I qualify for a half-price return journey on the Eurostar!

  5. Thank you for that description. For once I am glad I am not in Paris! LOL. I don't do cold weather well.

    Ohhhh! Milo gets his own book too? Go for it!

  6. Candice, I think we're all jealous of you and the heat! It's snowing again in Paris this morning. At least we're not icy like London, Eli! I had a friend come over (miraculously, though two hours late) on the Eurostar last night. I'm nervous the service will foil my Christmas travels - I can't believe they're canceling trains over this!

    Milo just put his paw out to me... I think he wants his own book contract. Food, attention, and now a book contract. He has the life!

  7. Of course Milo wants his own book contract. You know what they say: how ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm after they've seen Paree';-)

  8. Amy - your friend was only 2 hrs late? She was lucky!

    My US friends have printed tickets for the show we are due to see on 29/12 just in case I am delayed as much - they can go without me!

    Thaw here today in London - praying it doesn't freeze overnight!

    BTW has Milo seen Simon's cat?


  9. Who's Simon's cat?? Milo has jealousy tendencies...