Thursday, December 30, 2010

La semaine des feries

It’s getting freaky in Paris! The crowds, the traffic, the anticipation and glee. Tomorrow is New Year’s, and this town takes this holiday seriously!

The tourists have arrived en masse. Don’t even try going to the Monet exhibition or Musée d’Orsay these next few days. The lines there can be outdone only by the hungry and tenacious people waiting for a table at Le Comptoir or a cake from Pierre Hermé.

Don’t go anywhere near la Grande Roue in Place de la Concorde, Fauchon at Madeleine, and beware: amateurs abound on the Velibs.

Meanwhile, the locals are hoarding their champagne and oysters, foie gras and smoked salmon. The markets are pawning king crabs and blue lobsters, crevettes by the kilo and cheese by the wheel. Pierre Hermé resurrected a tent for New Year’s orders near its rue Vaugirard boutique and shopgirls stand with silver trays of rich and crackly praliné bonbons to pass the time while you wait in line (Merci! Much appreciated!)

The lights are glittering, the temperature is (finally!) mild, and now the only questions remaining are: What are you doing tomorrow night?? (And what are you wearing?)


  1. Oh Amy, you scared me ! I thought New Years Eve was tonight and I am not ready !!!
    Tomorrow night, we will have sparkling drinks, have dinner, have more sparkling drinks , iChat with children and watch fireworks .. which will probably go on all night long.
    Pup will be the only one here who is not thrilled with the whole business.
    Feliz Año Nuevo ! mi amiga ..
    ( see you in NY someday)

  2. I'm having a dinner party with the girls. Lots of food, lots of champers, lots of dancing and probably lots of laughing!

    Bon Réveillon!

  3. None of the things I have planned sound anything like the things you just listed. It's time to update my schedule.

  4. Staying in - doing NOTHING! There's nothing I hate more than the feeling of post-NYE bar stench on the 1st day of a new year! Hanging with the family and praying for a good 2011...... and you!?