Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry, merry, happy, happy

The holidays. Love ’em or hate ’em, filled as they are with stress and anxiety, hope and emotion, champagne and turkey.

Christmas this year was very different for me as it was the first time in a gazillion years I wasn’t home with my mom and stepfather and a houseful of Christmas cookies (snif). But to make up for it, I had the joy of watching the two cutest kids in all of Jolly England tear into stockings and presents and dance around with new toys in unfettered excitement. It was magique!

My lovely holiday weekend also included a (brutally cold) walk through the woods and a (wonderfully cozy) dinner at a small village inn—in fact, it was one of the best meals I’ve had in months, and, given how much I’ve been eating lately, that says a lot.

We celebrated with neighbors over mince pies and Christmas puddings (after the cheese and champagne, bien sur), relaxed with books and movies on the couch, and went shopping in London, where I treated myself to a coveted handbag. (Sweet!)

It’s never easy saying goodbye—to loved ones or a brilliant year—but that’s part of the holiday magic, too. The charm and coziness, indulgence and sloth, Christmas tree and candles, they can only last so long.

So how about you? Was your Christmas filled with brightness and laughter?


  1. Niece and nephew ??
    The bag is soooo beautiful, if I didn't like you so much I would hate you.
    All those ladies in NY will be green with envy.
    I got a bag for Christmas too ! :)
    Our holiday involved staying cool, it is terribly hot here and not really cooking much but drinking lol and eating a lot of salty & sweet things which will come back to haunt me in a few days.
    The only good thing about you moving back to NY ( imo) is that I have
    a better chance to actually meet you in person ( unless you are coming here soon ???) ...
    Wishing you the Best of New Years yet ... muchas besos.. C

  2. Happy holidays & New Year to you too!! Those are definitely some cute kiddies! :)

  3. Filled with light and love. Yours looks like a wonderful time, and if you can't be at home, what better way to share the love but with some enthusiastic kids! I'm glad your Christmas was happy!

  4. They're not only cute, they're smart and sweet too. Oui, my niece and nephew. Incredible kids, they are.

    Thank you, ladies, for the holiday wishes! Here's to more light and love in 2011. (And merci, Candice, for not hating me. :) ) xo