Saturday, December 4, 2010

The little village of Paris

Butcher: check.

Cheese? Yes, please.

Flowers, so pretty.

Something sweet for later? Peut-etre.

A place to pause and dream.

This was my little walk on Ile Saint Louis, before today's blizzard.


  1. That was my first introduction to Paris. We were staying in London and it was my birthday, so we took the train to Paris for a 3 day weekend. We stayed at the Lutece .. top floor, views etc. Love at first sight for me !
    Now let's hear about the snow ... (she whispers as it is quite warm and summery outside)

  2. I think that's what I loved the most about Paris, the village quality...little shops, fresh foods....lovely.

  3. Love this place. Stayed on the isle for 10 days last Christmas. Shopped at all these little places for my Christmas dinner and to decorate my fireplace mantle. Brings back lovely memories.

  4. The snow was magical - if only it hadn't turned to rain after!

  5. The weather has been great today. I live out in Epinay-Sur-Seine in zone 3 and we got some snow as well. Nothing better than staying in on a day like this.

  6. You've pretty much summed it up: butcher, cheese, flowers, dessert and the most beautiful city in which to enjoy those things. Seeing the beautiful dusting of snow makes me wish I was snuggled up in a cozy cafe right now! Enjoy one for me. :-)

  7. Mandy in ManchesterDecember 6, 2010 at 9:00 AM

    That florist photo is one of my favourites... one of many things I love about Paris are these vintage shopfronts which are still being used for the same original purpose (you can just make out the "Fleuriste" sign above the Patrick Allain canopy) - when we were over in October, we took the exact same shot - with the added plus of a little dog who was sitting in the window above with his head poking through the railings!!