Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: Consumed by…

Eating (247)
Randomness (i.e. Just Because (212))
French (i.e. Language (168))
Wandering (113)
The weather and work (105 and 103)

That sounds about right. Those are my label numbers; what I’ve written about on this blog. While I wish Traveling and Shopping and Art and Beauty were higher, I think my love of food and exploring were tempered by more mundane obsessions with the weather and my inability/desire to communicate.

For 2011? Here’s to continued Eating and Wandering. But maybe I’ll have to add some new labels to the blog, too.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Bonne Année, à tous!


  1. I haven't labeled mine but I think they might resemble yours without the delicious food/sweets. Food is mentioned but there is no comparison between what you have been enjoying and what we have here :)
    Language, Wandering, Weather and Happenstance , Shopping and Art might be mine ...

    2011, I hope will be full of Food, Wandering , more Shopping, Art and Travel for us as well as more for you ...

    Feliz Año Nuevo, mi amiga ... ( see you someday in NYC)

  2. What a great idea - love that! Bonne annee !

  3. A happy 2011 too you Amy. New and exciting. New York.

    Kind regards from Copenhagen.