Sunday, November 28, 2010

30 hours in Brussels

This past weekend, Jo, Sarah and I took the 80-minute train ride to Brussels (really! 80 minutes!) for a girl’s getaway.

It entailed shopping for chocolates…

…snacking on cupcakes…

…and flea market rummaging.

Sarah won the award for most finds, but I really wish Jo had bought this topper.

There was lots of photo-taking of the wonderful architecture around town…

… and a visit to the Horta Museum. (But no photos were allowed here. No buttons on outerwear either.)

Because it was freezing, our explorations also entailed numerous coffee breaks…

…and sweet reinforcements

We didn’t stop for oysters, but we did indulge in the requisite moules frites (no photos here either. I was too busy dipping the frites mayo).

And at the end of our oh-so-grueling day, we called the incredibly lovely Hooy Kaye Lodge home.

Girls should go away together more often.


  1. Oh what fun !
    My daughter loves Brussels ! All the times we have been to Paris, we never thought to take the train to Brussels. I guess we just have to try again !
    I am happy you were able to break up the sweets with some moules frites and mayo ... sigh...

  2. Wow, I am so loving this post! The sweets! The flea market! Your friends' adorable glasses! Adorable. So happy you had a great time :)

  3. The BEST things happen when girls go away together!

  4. OH I love Brussels and I love your finds!

  5. Ahhhhhhhhh weekends away with the girls! Aren't those great?:)

    Brussels is no Paris, but it's a chouette city all the same:) A lot more laidback:) We spent a weekend there in July and had a great time. We were blown away but the light and sound show on the Grand Place : quite breathtaking!:)

  6. I have been longing to do this for way too long. I miss Bruxelles!
    AND the moules!!
    Oh my,,,very green with envie

  7. I haven't been to Brussels in about 6 years and I wasn't blown over... these pics make me want to give it a second chance! The chocolate is pretty amazing though. And envious of your friends' eyewear, très chic :)

  8. I was thinking about going to Brussels for a day when I take my trip to Paris, but I felt that taking two days for Amsterdam would be more substantial...these pictures make me wonder which would be better! :]

  9. 'Twas fun and (overly) indulgent and easy and quite perfect. I definitely recommend it as a day or weekend trip from Paris!

  10. girl vacations are the best! looks like you had a fabulous trip!

  11. What a small world! I just found your blog for the first time...and I know Sarah!

    Bonne chances with your new adventures!!