Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The little things I love

• Vin chaud
• How they squeegee instead of shovel the sidewalks
• Incredible in-store gift-wrapping
• How each arrondissement has its own street decorations
• The beautiful abundance of champagne and chocolate


  1. Hear Hear! Partic the last one. I am currently demolishing a box of Bailey's truffles. Well, it is Christmas Week!

  2. Lovely .. I am happy you are there for this holiday .. memories !! more memories :)
    Here ?
    vin espumoso
    How every single doorman asks us how we are and wishes us a good day.
    I could use more good chocolate to go with the copious amounts of sparkling wine being poured around here :)... (send chocolate)

  3. I love the word squeegee. Sounds great. Spells even more interesting.