Sunday, December 19, 2010

New York & Paris; Dreams & Duels

Sometimes when I write for something or someone other than my own blog, I manage to get outside my head a bit and see things with a clearer perspective. Such was the case in writing about the dueling charms of New York and Paris and my “dream life” here in Paris. It was fun to reflect and share, especially since I was doing it for my kindred spirits. Merci, Erica and Kasia!


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  2. Hi Amy. We love having you write for us! Than you so much. Our readers have been adoring your writing as well. We can't wait for the book! xo Erica

  3. A pleasure to share your dream of living in Paris! Looking forward to your thoughts post return to NY... and your many return trips to Paris!

  4. what lovely write-ups! it was fun to read the whole story of how your latest adventure came to be. i love what you wrote about living in paris and new york as not an "either/or" option. who says you can't have both! XO