Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More spirit, s'il te plait

Last night, after a lovely meal with friends and colleagues, I opted to Velib home in the cold, dark night. It was perfect. Empty streets and blinking stars, I had Paris' Christmas lights all to myself.

It reminded me that I need to take some more evening strolls to see the different quartiers' decorations.

Like the magnificent Notre Dame, which I walked by over the weekend. It will be my gift to myself: to wander aimlessly and take in more of the city's Christmas magic.


  1. A wonderful gift to yourself:) You're leaving Paris on a high note, it would seem:) Then you can make a fresh start in NYC in January:)

    When are you flying back home exactly?

  2. this photo is great! really! love it! now, before you leave Paris, you have to enjoy every moment like this one :)

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  4. Oh, thank you thank you for that photo of Notre Dame lit for Christmas. I'll make sure to look at it again on Christmas Eve after I drag my harp home from the midnight service I'll be playing at, just to pretend I was in Paris for Midnight Mass.