Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12 days of Christmas: Double whammy

A mélange of local friends and talent, an obsession with all things French, and my own Christmas wishes, here’s my daily pick for anyone lacking Christmas gift inspiration.

I discovered the most adorable ceramic atelier near my house, and wanted to buy the whole place up. I did buy a few gifts here, but what I wanted to scoop up for myself was already sold.

For in addition to the sweet ceramics, the atelier had an exhibition of Joanna Concejo’s artwork. Nearly every one of her pieces was sold, but I’m keeping my eye on this artist.


  1. I love the artwork.
    I think for Christmas this year, I might get jewelry but I think we might also make plans for something BEEG in the future.. kind of like what you are doing .. hint hint.

  2. Just wanted to say...I love your blog, I want your life...and I cant wait for your book! - Dreamin' of Paris from San Diego, CA