Thursday, December 16, 2010

12 days of Christmas: Granola and spreads savoir-faire

A mélange of local friends and talent, an obsession with all things French, and my own Christmas wishes, here’s my daily pick for anyone lacking Christmas gift inspiration.

One thing I’ve become a slave to here in Paris (one of many, I guess I should say) is spreads. From Nutella, I progressed to Speculoos, and then all those lovely gourmet praliné, caramel, and honey spreads. And then, of course, there are Rachel Khoo’s homemade spreads—like a nice dark chocolate and Earl Grey spread or white chocolate and matcha. Miam.

Her Pates à Tartiner and Barres de Cereales cookbooks are sweet and lovely, inspiring and delicious. I can hardly wait for next year’s title.

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  1. Pâtes à Tartiner is sitting on my buffet table! Easy to prepare and yummy photos :) A perfect gift!