Friday, December 17, 2010

Hip hop, yo

My best friend sent me this video a long time ago. I forgot how freakin' funny it is.

Bon vendredi!


  1. That is so freaking funny but in a way that makes me cringe.

  2. Could that boy look any cleaner cut and none hip-hop?
    No baggy pants and sneakers??? my god ..
    Points ... a lot. Not your average points.
    Hip Hop.. sniffle, I'm gonna cry .. they look at me like I'm crazy ... (she is)
    It is down low, everything is in a plié... is she still around or has something beaten her with a hip hop stick ?

  3. I think that is one very misguided woman, but you have to give her credit for being willing to make an ass out of herself in public. And Belle, I am cringing too.