Friday, December 10, 2010

What I loved about this week

Sunday night shots with Alison
• My dear friend Melissa achieving a huge, exciting and overdue milestone—go, Mel!
• Walking to work
• Cuddles from Milo
• Receiving the photos my dad sent me in the mail. They’re shots of me when I was about 7 or 8. Some of them I remember very well – me, all buck-toothed, smiling through the fence at Faneuil Hall in Boston. Others, I have absolutely no recollection of; I don’t even recognize myself. It’s strange to look at pictures of yourself, and not recognize that it’s you.
• Happening upon the new Marie florist—arresting beauty
• A lovely lunch with Sarah, complete with magical snowfall, sardine sandwiches, and laughing at our own dorkiness
• I lived through the Paris snowstorm!
• Reading every night before bed
• Plotting out my Christmas shopping strategy
• Finishing my article
• Walking across the Pont des Arts, surrounded by plenty of cold air but no people
• Just feeling really happy

Et toi? What did you love about this week?


  1. *Sunday afternoon brunch with friends from NY .. on Puerto Madero where we could see Buenos Aires in all its wacky beauty.
    *Snuggles with Pup who is slowing down, my old man, but still eager to go wherever we go.
    *Your post about the florist- my new quest, to find roses and peonies.
    *We are plotting a new adventure but it is Top Secret at the moment.
    * Following your blog :)
    (someday you and I will meet in town)

  2. I thanked the universe for my friend Amy.

  3. I loved not having to practice the harp with a metronome! And cooking vegetable soup on a cold night. And I have been extremely thankful for space heaters lately...

    Will you PLEASE have a cup of chocolat chaud with a side pitcher of cream for me. You don't even have to tell me about it. I think I'll know when you do. I'm dying here int he land of Swiss Miss mix!

  4. I love your post! So important to be appreciate the little things! Do you live in Paris?

    xx Kristin

  5. Finally getting a chance to read Amy's blog. :D (I thought I had better if I'm going to be seeing you and all, lol.)

    Really, though, I had a good, productive week, too.

    I bet those pics of you at 7 or 8 are pretty darn cute!