Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Trop jolie!

I was walking home the other night and was literally stopped in my tracks.

Marie, a new florist, just bloomed on rue du Louvre.

Pretty and cool at the same time.


  1. She's so talented!
    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  2. What wonderful combinations of color and flowers!
    I am off to the flower market right now, I am going to try the peonies, roses mix .. plus of course, some poinsettias :)

  3. Tres bon - so lovely to see that color against the winter white and gray of the snowy landscape you have in the next post. We have sun here in PA and subfreezing temperatures. Snow must be on the way but it had to stop to sight-see in Paris.

  4. Fantastique!!! I'm coming to Paris on monday with a friend and staying for five days. One problem! Where shall we stay... Yes I know no hotel booked yet! Can you help us out? A hotel thats close to Champs Elysées and maybe a view over Le tour eiffel ;) Not to expensive. But we can spend a lot on the food and drinks ;) And of course the shopping!! The first time in Paris and ve love it already!
    Thank you!

  5. You will be lucky if there is availability at the lovely 6Mandel:

    You can also try the eco-friendly Hidden Hotel:

    Great rates, but on the other side of town:

    Have a wonderful time!