Friday, December 10, 2010

Graffiti movement

I have very mixed feelings about street art. While I admire it and impressed by a good deal of it, I hate defacement of public buildings and property. But this video takes the cool factor to a whole new level.


  1. This was cool, thanks for posting.

    Have you seen the movie "Exit through the gift shop"?
    I think you would really enjoy it. The movie will give you some insight into a few of the artists behind some of your street art in your posts this last year.


  2. I am mostly totally against it.
    Granted, there is a truly gifted artist somewhere sometime but every day I go to "my" parks and see the wonderful monuments, fabulous works of art, defaced with graffiti and I hate it and want to punish them.
    ( my punishment would be to round them up and make them wash away all the graffiti in the city)

  3. Wooow. That was very cool -- I wonder how long it took to have to draw each new thing by hand! Seems to be a series of photos strung together.. way cool!

  4. I doubt there is somebody who doesn't love Paris. Thanks for sharing. Regards from Orly hotels