Saturday, May 8, 2010

With friends like this

You can have a fabulous night not because you have drinks on the terrace of Café Flore and watch Frédéric Beigbeder and other chic Left Bankers walk by. Or go to the Ellen von Unwerth launch party where there is even better people-watching and the champagne is free instead of 15 euros a glass.

It’s fabulous not because you have the very special sighting of Jean-Paul Belmondo (“the Marlon Brando of French cinema, according to Mel, who’s so damn plugged in it’s like having a cultural tour guide every time we go out, and a quick glance at his filmography made me realize his name should at least ring a bell somewhere in the memory banks) or go barreling through Paris’ sublime streets in a Mercedes taxi.

It’s fabulous because we were together and we talk about everything from lonely hearts to female incontinence and laugh and commiserate and do some cheerleading and a little dime store philosophizing and we always leave each other feeling better and stronger; understood and loved. And what is more fabulous than that?


  1. Nothing.

    Je t'aime, Amy.

    xoxo Mel

    (ps: You made me weep before breakfast. Usually, I try to wait until at least noon)

  2. I'm so glad I discovered your blog!! I'm having fun reading about your life in Paris.

    As for this post, I can say that it is a truly amazing thing to find a friend that understands who you are and accepts you. It's so amazing because it is something so rare.