Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello, Paris

I’m glad to be back in my city, looking forward to the day that spring, once and for all—no teasing, no joking, no giving and then taketh awaying—breaks.

I’m looking forward to decadent dinners and lunches with good friends; aperos outdoors on café terraces; picnics along the Seine and in the parks; a few concerts and dance parties; there are several museum exhibitions and neighborhoods I must see and explore, and several small trips I’d like to make.

I’m looking forward to eating more pastries, to taking more Velib rides, to aimlessly wandering the city and discovering inspiring new parks and squares, cafes and boutiques, and indulging in the best people-watching anywhere in the world.

There is so much that is imperfect about Paris—about any city. But there is too much beauty, magic, inspiration and deliciousness not to be grateful for every second breathing its air.

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