Monday, May 31, 2010

My Vegan Mondays

Usually I love my vegan Mondays. But sometimes I wake up ravenous, wondering how I’ll ever get through the day without a giant slice of quiche or a hunk of cheese or a lovely, lovely pastry made with beaucoup butter and cream. Today was one of those days.

• Granola and soy milk
• Giant orange

• Quinoa salad with peas and beans
• Blé tendre salad (which I think Jo and I determined was a French thing—basically semi-hard bits of wheat kernels that are surprisingly delicious) with cucumbers, tomatoes and apples
• Two bananas
• A granny smith apple (told you, I was starving)

• Whole wheat pasta with lemon asparagus and toasted pine nuts - speaking of delicious, this dish blew my mind. I thought I’d be wishing I could add a touch of cream or some parm to it, but it was perfect.
• Dark chocolate mendiants – after my daylong hunger, I stopped into A La Mere de Famille on my way home and picked up four wee pieces of chocolate with nuts and dried fruit as an end-of-the-day treat.


  1. I adore that shop on Faubourg Montmartre - so charmingly old fashioned. And the staff are lovely - and there is always something to try by the cash register!


    ps if you get the chance to see Les Mis at Chatelet go for it!!! I met Michel Drucker there on Friday evening

  2. I just noticed that Les Mis is here and wondering if I should go... it's a do, you say??

    I know, I love the free samples at A La Mere... it makes every visit doubly worth it!

  3. I adored the new version of Les Mis - more true to the original French and very clever use of Victor Hugo drawings for back projections. Not often that there is a standing ovation in Paris!

    As long as you don't have to take out a loan for a ticket it is well worth seeing. I got chatting to a young American couple next to me at dinner and I got them row 4 tickets for €20 each on the night. Mine was €98 but I got it for free!

    Hoping to be back for the last show on 4 July - and this is someone who really doesn't like the show in English.