Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nomiya! Nomiya! Nomiya!

I have wanted to dine at this is little 12-seater perched atop the Palais Tokyo for the better part of a year now (ever since my cooking class last summer). And it wasn’t until this tall drink of water came to town and spontaneously invited me to Nomiya that I got to indulge.

What can I say except, magnifique! We were greeted by a reserved yet charming host, asked of dietary restrictions, and then treated to champagne…

…which was enjoyed below the Eiffel Tower along with a couple amuse-bouches: one of diced pear and roe, the other smoked herring with tomato confit.

After a couple glasses, we moved inside and seated ourselves around the table, where the views were no less spectacular.

What’s better, the views or the food? It’s tough to beat sitting in a glass cube surrounded by utter beauty, but the food was pretty great, too. It was discreetly prepared nearby by one chef, and served and described by our host...

...starting with haddock (atop cottage cheese of all things), covered with green radish.

While everyone else had Spanish pork for their main course, I was treated to a beautiful filet of cabillaud, served with braised fennel and eggplant. That bright yellow smear was a strangely sweet mousseline.

And lastly, dessert: an airy white chocolate mousse hiding fresh berry jam inside, served in a pool of crème anglais. Pas mal.

The reservation is perfectly paced to two and a half hours. No rush. Little fuss. Totally indulgent.

Just a couple more shots before leaving.

And then back to work.


  1. OH. MY. GOODNESS. That is absolutely breathtaking. Every bit of it, the surroundings, the food....ahhhhh.

  2. I think I need a cigarette after that one

  3. It was pretty special. Another Paris must-do to add to the list!