Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lovely little moments from the week

• Spontaneous lunch at Nomiya: magical and delicious
• Spontaneous lunch at Au Vieux Comptoir: not as magical but, with killer burrata, also delicious
• Un petit dinner party, chez-Erica: wonderful and delicious food in a warm and cozy Parisian pad, with classic Franglais conversation
• Peonies—you should treat yourself to flowers when the beauty moves you
• Reuniting with Milo after my Portuguese adventure
• Finally buying a pair of Derbies
• Discovering an amazingly cool and obscure new pocket of the city with Mel
• Reading about SJP in American Vogue for a few moments at an outdoor café
Feeling warm in the sun after seven months of feeling cold
• Moet at work to celebrate our latest web site launch
• Friday: a good email day

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