Sunday, May 16, 2010

A handful of culinary highlights

After our breakfast buffets at Vilacampina, Alison and I were spoiled. We both like clean, simple foods. We love going out to good restaurants. And, while I will take sweet over salty any day of the week, Alison is a salty girl, but we both adore good chocolate.

Spoiled though we were, we still managed to have some phenomenal foodie moments.

The biggest standout was lunch at Aqui Há Peixe. Grilled sea bass for two. It was… heaven.

Delivered on a platter for our approval.

Then filleted in two and served with veggies.

We were initially wary of the size of the fish and our appetite for it. But needless to say, we put it away shockingly well.

I insisted that we make the trek out to the western side of the city for a breakfast of custard tarts at the famed Pastéis de Belém.

Once again, we weren’t disappointed, nor were we shy.

And a final finale was the gourmet chocolate shop, Claudio Corallo, that Alison had sleuthed out (really! I had nothing to do with it!)

It’s a hole-in-the-wall and took us a long time to find, but we were rewarded by a chocolate tasting of the boutique’s meticulously sourced and produced dark chocolates.

Another giddy moment for the books.

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  1. I love Pasteis de Belém! Yummy! Where yours still warm? Heaven...