Saturday, May 29, 2010

Champagne at Hotel Particulieur

"In the heart of historical Montmartre, between Avenue Junot and Rue Lepic, nestled in a secret passageway nicknamed the Passage du Rocher de la Sorciere (The Witch’s Rock Passage), a big white townhouse is hiding behind a discreet black gate."

It doesn’t mention the nearby view of the Eiffel Tower, but the web site of Hotel Particulier, describes its mysterious and charming entry pretty well.

And then there’s the property itself.

You enter in a darling courtyard, dotted with café tables and lanterns, cloaked by ancient great, big plane trees and covered in deep green ivy.

And the sitting room is the perfect blend of traditional and modern, comfortable and cool, homey but exceptional.

We didn’t play chess, nor did we have cocktails. The bartender only works on Friday and Saturdays, so we were cruelly forced to have champagne.

But, with the gentle reminder on the way out of what a perfect spot Hotel Particulier is for summertime cocktails...

...we’ll be gathering the troops and returning soon.

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