Sunday, April 11, 2010

A spot of opera on Saturday night

Friday afternoon, I was browsing, which I hadn’t done in some time, and was thrilled to see a blurb about a Philip Glass chamber opera. It was playing at the Athénée-Théatre Louis-Jouvet for just a week so I spontaneously bought a ticket for last night’s performance.

It was the perfect Saturday night date with myself. I was feeling pretty exhausted, I haven’t done much of anything cultural lately, and, when I considered that if I didn’t go to this opera, I would probably just download some Project Runway or Top Chef and sit my ass on the couch for the night, well, the choice was obvious.

The theater is definitely not as glam or breathtaking as the Garnier, but it was small and sweet, which gave me a good seat.

And I adore Philip Glass (thank you, Kev). As soon as the quintet played its first notes, I was happy and loved watching the ensemble perform (especially the cute cellist).

The opera itself was good—based on a Franz Kafka and written in 2000, which surprised me as its themes are very relevant today: the treatment of prisoners, torture, the death penalty, how and why those in power make the decisions they do, etc.

I have to admit, it all began to feel a little redundant after an hour. And it's obviously a pretty heavy topic.

But it was only an hour and twenty minutes. And still the perfect Saturday night.

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