Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A swell soirée in Paris

One of my all-time favorite fashion designers. An adored musician. A chance invitation.

And voila, just like that, I was in a den of Parisian hipsters. In the seventh arrondisement, no less.

It was Cynthia Rowley’s “Hamptons” cocktail party to celebrate her collaboration with Roxy.

Per her inimitable style (à la Swell), the table setting was adorable.

The three-story clubhouse wasn’t so bad either.

And, a special performance by Lykke Li brought out all the cool kids.

There was so much good hair.

Plenty of snacks, champagne and “babyfoot”.

Life’s a party, n’est-ce pas?!


  1. Nice soiree! You have a charmed life ...

    Thanks for taking me there.

  2. looks fab...hope you had a blast! xo.

  3. Ok, I just wrote a post about positivity in Paris (yes, it's possible), but reading this post makes me feel just a wee bit less charmed. What an amazing life you have!

  4. That's what I talking about Amy!

  5. picture me bowing down. huzzah!

  6. Merci, mes amis. Charmed, cool and fun, it was!