Friday, April 9, 2010

RIP, winter coat

I swear, yesterday, April 8, 2010, marked the last day I wore my winter coat for the season. I had thought the same thing a couple weeks ago, but had to trade in my little leather jacket for my cozy brown coat due to the cold chill of this past week. But with weekend temperatures forecasted at 60 (and that little spirit-lifter called “le soleil”), my fingers are forever crossed that yesterday truly was it. The last day for my winter coat!

My knee-high, shit-kicker boots shan’t be far behind.


  1. My fingers are crossed! Provence is supposed to be in the 60's as well this weekend and this morning was the first time I took my puppy for a walk and felt a truly warm sun!! :-)

  2. right behind you - I have even put my coats into storage and taken out my summer jacket to be cleaned (have to admit that I wear a throw over it for a few months when its too warm for the leather jacket but too cold in the morning for just the jacket)

  3. So far, so good. I haven't even had to wear one of my cashmere cardigans this weekend. The sun is delicious.