Thursday, April 15, 2010

HIP, HIP, ooouuuuui

Before scooting over to the Hamptons Cocktail party last night, I joined Erica’s soirée at one of her fabulous Haven properties, which included a really fun mix of local bloggers.

I got to meet Erica’s partner, Maggie, I saw Richard, and I met the delightful Kim Petyt and adorable Meg Zimbeck.

It was the perfect little taste of camaraderie and inspiration. Not only the company, but the top floor terrace that prompted more dreaming of what could be and the world I’m already living in now.


  1. Love this blog post! Did I meet you last night or did you leave before I arrived??? (BTW looooove your Blog's true)
    I am at

  2. Hi Amy. Was so great to see you. Sorry you had to leave so soon. Can;t wait to see you again!! Bises, Erica