Saturday, April 17, 2010

Paint me a picture in Paris

I had noticed this cute little guy in my neighborhood.

Then, walking up towards the ninth arrondisement, I came across him, which made me giggle.

And then you start looking around, and there are “street people” everywhere.

Along with the more mainstream but no less creative street art.

I have mixed feelings about it. It’s fun and arresting, and it is art. But it’s also defacement and not a little bit disrespectful.


  1. Hi There, I've just (re)discovered your blog! And you've discovered a lot of 'street people' as you call them. The ninth, huh? I think I'll have to pay your neck of the woods a visit with my lens well polished - looks like there's loads of stuff to capture - thanks!

  2. Just walked past your second picture heading from Réaumur to Poissonniers. I knew he looked familiar.

  3. Hi,
    Many paints each year around the Butte aux Cailles with
    You can also discover some those paints including in 360° panoramics on my website ;-)
    Best regards,