Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Paris, I love you, you know I do, but…

I can no longer turn my head to certain behaviors, and this makes me really sad.

• Homelessness. Sad, sick, old people, camped out and propped up on seemingly every corner. This is no way to treat our own, is it?
• Graffiti. Cool street art is one thing; obnoxious spray can scrawl on private property, historic buildings and magical landmarks is disgraceful.
• Merde. It’s true. Everyone poops. Including dogs. But since when is it okay to leave your dog’s crap on the sidewalk, in the street, near the garbage, under the tree—anywhere in public??


  1. Still better than the pile of human poop on the staircase in a metro station

  2. Amy, it's worse in London (especially the homeless stuff) but, somehow, it's worse when it's in Paris???

    Just don't understand the Dog Poop stuff; also don't understand the homeless bit - I thought we had GOOD laws over here to help people?

    All the best


    P.S. Where did Abbé Pierre come from?

  3. My dog owning neighbors are awesome about cleaning up after the mutts. By either overcoming the odds of age to stoop over and clean it or by kicking it into the gutter.

    My homeless neighbors tend to be pretty alright. Quiet with a hat on the sidewalk or not asking for anything at all. It's getting warmer so I expect to see more and more folks out on the street-- just like San Francisco.

  4. I agree--last time I was in Rome the graffiti was ten times worse than 5 years before....absolutely ridiculous to have idiotic scribble all over 250 year old buildings, etc. I guess no one cleans it up? or is there no enforcement effort? It's such a shame.