Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I in Exhibition

I remember on one my trips to Paris before I lived here, stumbling upon the wall of Images & Portraits, a vintage photography boutique in the Marais. It was actually an animated exhibition: found, old black & white photos, projecting and dancing across the wall. Ah, Paris, I thought, What a cool town. I sorta like it here. Since I’ve lived here, I’ve always been peripherally aware of the shop and wall, but it was only when Connie and Nina were here that I slowed down to take a closer look.

Fabien Breuvart, the studio owner/photographer, commissions “everyday” photographers and creates a veritable outdoor exhibition based on themes. Sometimes he features one artist’s work. Other times, like this month, it’s more collaborative—even if, the collaborators are unaware.

The current exhibition features photos that were culled from the internet, based on 10 Google searches, such as “Me and my dog”, “Me and my car”, “Me in a dreamy mood”. Brilliant, no? Who hasn’t done the classic self-portrait? Who isn’t proud of their pet? Their feet? The fish they caught? And who doesn’t feel compelled to document these little moments and details?

I love the idea of analyzing how we choose to project ourselves; the image we deem cool, how we want others to perceive us. We’re simultaneous exhibitionists and voyeurs.

But, I was feeling a little jealous of all these people who got to brag about their cute dogs. So I took a picture to put up on my own wall, “Me and my cat”.


  1. Milo: Aloof, bored, distant:: Ready for international stardom.

  2. "oh, must you interrupt my lounging for such silliness? I'm a cat, darn it! But you do feed me so I'll tolerate this for a moment...but no longer."

  3. Oui, c'est vrai. Milo's wholehearted neediness, masked by an outwardly blaisé attitude, means he's truly a Parisian chat.