Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ca va, vraiment?

You know what I love about the French? They have no qualms about telling you when you “look tired” or that “you look really bad.” That sort of directness is, oh, comment-on-dit? Refreshing?


  1. Well, it certainly is motivating. On the one hand, it could be sympathetic - "Oh, you look tired ... are you sleeping well? Is something the matter?" On the other hand, it could be proof positive that what you are wearing REALLY IS not your color ... or your hair needs to be done ... or you're not drinking enough water ... or any multitude of sins that contribute to a distraction of one's natural beauty.

    Which reminds me, I'd better give myself a touch-up.

  2. The funny thing is, Cynthia, I had just been looking in the bathroom mirror ten minutes before I got the "you look *really* bad" comment and I was thinking the very same thing! Still, I'm a believer in tact. :)