Monday, April 12, 2010

French phrase of the day: garder la longeur

Def: keep the length

In other words, this handy little expression is what you tell the hairdresser when you only want a trim. Garder la longeur—oui, ca marche. Non?!

So why didn’t he garder la longeur?? I (regrettably) tried yet another new salon and now I’m missing six inches from my hair. I’ve learned my lesson. I will only go back to a Parisian salon with a bilingual friend.


  1. Four months ago I had a traumatic haircut as well! And I went with a bilingual friend and had studied up on all the hair terminology. I was completely prepared, and still it was a disaster. I'm getting my haircut in Dublin next month. I'm still not ready to risk it again here yet.
    I'm feeling your pain Amy! Get some cute caps and know that everyday, it grows a little bit more :-)

  2. It's horrible, isn't it, Sara Louise??

    But at least I'm getting good at the French messy up-do!

  3. Wow, I had *just* been getting up the courage to get my hair cut here. Alas, this has taken a little wind out of my sails. Think I'll wait two months and do it in New York then.

    Or, I guess I could live a little - try the messy up-do as you say if it takes a catastrophic turn.

  4. Stepped in here looking for a french proverbe and started reading, I'm definitely a new friend! And I'll start off giving you a handy tip, next time say Seulement les pointes, just the ends. The hairdresser read my anxious mind and took 2 cm.